Spotlight Review: e.l.f Makeup Artist Palette

I’ve had this blush and bronzer set for about a month now. It was sort of a impulse buy. I was literally walking out of the e.l.f studio store, after spending way to much money already, and saw this beauty. I grabbed it real quick and bought it for $15. After being home for a bit I realized I had never even opened it. So this week I intentionally started to use it everyday to try it out and now I love it. I do need to add that under the blushes there is an eye palette but I have not used it this is strictly the blush and bronzer.

IMG_1778.JPGThis palette comes with 5 blushes and 5 bronzers. The blushes are gorgeous. They are pigmented and creamy. The first three are my personal favorites. The bronzers are very pigmented as well. They are perfect for warming up my face. I am very pale and I actually use some of these bronzers which makes me beyond happy.

IMG_1780-0.JPGI’m now so happy I bought this. Sometimes impulse buys can be really bad and I usually don’t like to buy makeup without back knowledge but for $15 I thought I might as well. If you are interested in this you can buy it online. Here is the link 50_Piece_Makeup_Artist_Palette


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