New York City Day 6: Top of the Rock, Wall Street, and Reunited with a Wonderful Friend

We started out our day by going to Top of the Rock. I had never been before so it was exciting. I have been to NYC but like I said I’ve never been to Top of the Rock, or up in any of the really tall buildings, so I never realized the magnitude of this city. It’s huge! I knew it was big but I don’t think you realize just how big until you’ve seen it from this high up.



IMG_1191.JPG After we decided to go spend some time in the Wall Street area. It was actually really relaxing just wandering around. I love the tree there. Plus I got to stop in Pret and grab a juice which is always good.


IMG_1194.JPG The final thing we had on the agenda was to meet up with a wonderful friend who lives in the city. She took us to dinner at a Thai restaurant which was super good! It was just really awesome to see her and catch up.


IMG_1199.JPG Tomorrow is our last day in the city! I will be blogging for one more day! I’ve had such a great time and hope you’ve enjoyed following me around so far! XOXO


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