New York City Day 5: Central Park, Hillsong NYC, and Macy’s

Today we had a late start because we were all so tired. Eventually we made it out the door and to Central Park. I love Central Park it’s one of my favorite parts of the city. It’s so pretty especially during winter. We wondered around for quite a few hours and it was so nice to just relax in the midst of such a busy city.



IMG_0970.JPGAfter Central Park we all wanted to go to church and there’s no other place i would rather be than Hillsong NYC. I feel so refreshed after going. Pastor Carl Lentz talked on gratitude today. I instantly felt convicted. My favorite quote was “God doesn’t need to change your circumstances, you need to change your spirit.” I feel like so often I fall into wanting my surroundings and circumstances to change when really I need to check my heart and spirit. It was just a great service.


IMG_0946.JPGThe final thing we did was Macy’s. It was a lot of fun and so big!


IMG_0975.JPGToday was another great day. I love this city. I’m having so much fun! Hope you enjoyed! XOXO


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