New York City Day 3: Soho, Fancy Dinner, and Aladdin on Broadway

Another beautiful day here in NYC! We started our day a little late because it was a late night. So we walked to Soho and hit up quite a few shops. One of the many we hit up was the e.l.f Studio Store. It was awesome! Talk about makeup heaven! We got a lot of stuff as you can see!


IMG_0595.JPG After shopping a bit more and seeing a few sights we came back to where we are staying and got ready. When we were ready to go we called an Uber to pick us up. We were shocked when we got picked up in a black escalade. I had never been in that nice of a Uber so it was really cool. We ate at this Italian restaurant called La Messeria. It was super good!


IMG_0724.JPG After dinner we had some time to kill so we decided to hangout in Times Square for a bit since it was close.



IMG_0715.JPG It was finally time for our Broadway show. We went and saw Aladdin and it was amazing. Such a cute and fun show. I literally smiled the whole time. It was just amazing that’s the best word to describe it.


IMG_0726.JPG Hope you enjoyed my day! NYC has been great so far can’t wait for the rest of the time here! XOXO


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