New York City Day 1: Flying, City Streets, and Ramen

Today myself and a couple of my friends headed to New York City for a girls trip. We’ve been planning this trip for a while and are super excited for this week.

IMG_0190.JPG We arrived in NYC around 12:30 but didn’t get to where we are staying 3 hours later. We got a little lost to say the least. We were so tired we just chilled out and took our time getting ready for the night. We finally made it out and decided to do a bit of exploring in the snow. There is something about this city that’s just so invigorating. There’s to many things to take in its overwhelming but I love it all the same.


IMG_0249.JPG After exploring a bit we were all starving. I knew coming here that I wanted to try Ramen because last time I was here I didn’t get to. We made our way over to Ippudo which was amazing! I absolutely love real ramen. We also ordered and appetizer of pork buns and they were really good. The food was amazing and the workers were so nice. At the end of our night the waiter brought out green tea for each of us and said it was on the house. Needless to say we were impressed!




IMG_0254-0.JPGI hope you enjoyed my post and you enjoy following me around in New York City this week! XOXO


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