Urban Decay Naked 2 Dupe

Dupe alert major! I discovered something a few months ago that I’ve recently fell in love with. Of course I’ve always loved my Naked palettes but they can be quite pricy coming in at 50 bucks. So I set out on the search for the perfect dupe. While there are plenty of dupes for this but none compare to the In the Buff palette buy the UK brand W7. I have used the W7 nail polishes before on a trip to the UK but never used any of the makeup line. I bought this palette on Amazon, which I’ll link below, for around 9 dollars including tax and it was worth every penny. I’ll let you look for yourself how similar they are.


IMG_8919.JPGI can’t get over how similar they are and the W7 palette is so much cheaper. They are so similar I did swatches of Half Baked and YDK along with the similar one in the W7 palette and couldn’t tell you which is which.


IMG_8921.JPGThis is perfect for those who don’t want to spend the 50 dollars for the Naked 2 palette. I hope you enjoy this post! If you have found any other good dupes let me know! XOXO



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