Texas Day 3: Getting Ready, Jack In the Box, and the Maze Runner

This was our last day in Texas. It started out slow for us since we stayed out so late because of the wedding. I took my time getting ready and
Here’s a little peek into my makeup bag.

We ate breakfast at Jack in the Box. We have never ate there before so we figured we’d give it a try. Safe to say we didn’t really like it that much. After that the rest of our day was spent hanging out with friends and family until it was time to hit the rode.

Of course I stopped yet again to take a picture of my outfit.

Now we’re on the road! My sisters and I flew out and stayed in downtown Houston. My parent drove out and stayed more so out in the country. So Rach and I decided to fly out and drive back to be a little adventures. To keep entertained on this trip back I have my current favorite book The Maze Runner.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! We still have one more day of traveling.
If you haven’t followed the rest of my Texas series make sure to check them out! XOXO


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