Hair Product Review: Kimble Beauty Shine Serum and Silk ELastics.

I recently have started using this Shine Serum by Kimble beauty and I can honestly say that I love it. Sometimes my hair can be very dry and lack any luster at all and this stuff instantly brought my hair back to life. So I figured that I should let all of you beautiful people know about this product. So lets get started!

What it claims: They claim that this is the secret to beautiful and glamorous hair and to add shine without making your hair look oily or greasy.It is also supposed to prevent frizz and fly always.

My Take: I think that it holds up to what it claims to do. Since I live in such a hot state its easy to get oily at the roots and sometimes adding serum like this can make it worse even if you have dry hair. But the Kimble Beauty Shine Serum is perfect. I have worn it out all day and there has been no signs of oiliness or frizz. I also wanted to comment on how great this stuff smells. It is infused with Brazilian nut and acai berries which im not sure if that is what makes it smell so great or not. Overall I highly suggest this awesome serum.

The next thing that I wanted to talk about is the Kimble Beauty Silk Elastics. I have literally not used anything else because I love these so much! They don’t get tangled in my hair and are extremely sturdy. So if you need new elastic check these out. XOXO

Check out the website:
Also my readers get a 10% discount with this code at checkout: hair10


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by Kimble Beauty but all of the opinions are my own!


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