Summer Skincare Series: Cleanser

I’ve decided to do a series of post that have to do with skincare. I will post these once a week. I’m really excited for this because I love skincare almost as much as makeup. This is because I believe skincare is so important. I think it sets the tone for your makeup. I always change up my skincare for the summer. So recently I did just that.

Today we will start with Cleanser. Cleanser is super important. It helps prevent bacteria, dirt and pollutants from entering your body. A good cleanser should clear all of the dirt out without stripping your face.

Now on to choosing a cleanser. For me I like something smooth with almost a milky consistency that turns into a foam. I find that it leaves my skin really moisturized after. When choosing a cleanser make sure you choose one that won’t strip the skin. This is because some oils are healthy for your skin.

Lastly is the cleanser I have started using during the summer time. Like I said I always change my skincare routine for summer because my skin varies from season to season. Recently I really needed to because my skin was just horrible. On recommendation from a friend of mine I have been using Boots Botanic Gentle Cleansing Cream. I love this stuff. It removes the oils without leaving my skin stripped. It’s also a brightener and can help bring dull skin back to life. Boots is actually a British brand but for all us American gals we can purchase this at Target for $7.99. Which is a great price to me. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know your favorite cleanser! XOXO




5 thoughts on “Summer Skincare Series: Cleanser

  1. Love the idea of series of posts about skincare; I believe most people neglect skincare. I use Bioderma as my cleanser since my skin is oily :).
    Can’t wait till your next post,

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