Spotlight Review: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

I recently did a summertime favorites and mentioned the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in my post. In all honesty that post didn’t do it any justice because this stuff is amazing.

The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation makes you feel like your not wearing any foundation at all. It’s so light and smooth. I adore it on these hot Florida days. I rarely ever have to touch it up and if I do it’s minimal. I have naturally pale skin and this foundation has SPF which I do like in some cases especially if I know that I’ll be spending long periods of time outside.

Let’s talk coverage. I would say this foundation is light to medium and is build able. Most people don’t need full coverage anyways. I’ve noticed it covers all my redness which is something I struggle with. As for blemishes it does cover but I touch it up with concealer.

Overall the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is great. It can be a little pricy at 48 dollars but I think it’s worth the money. Bobbi Brown is my favorite makeup artist and she creates some of my favorite products. I’m such a huge fan! Even if you’re not looking for a foundation try out some other Bobbi Brown product and I promise you won’t be disappointed. What is your favorite foundation? Hope you enjoyed! XOXO- Jessica




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