May Ipsy Glam Bag 2014

So I received my very first Ipsy Glam bag and I must say I’m super happy with it! For those of you who don’t know Ipsy is a 10 dollar monthly subscription. It comes with a cute makeup bag full of deluxe samples and full size products. I’ve tried all of the products in this months bag and thought I would share what I got and what I think of each product. So here goes!


1. Glam Bag: I really love it! It is a canvas material with leaves all over that say Ipsy. Very cute!


2. Balanced Guru: A no frizz balancing oil for you’re hair. It claims to balance frizz without making it greasy. It also claims to control fly aways even in tropical weather which is great for me. I found that it lives up to what it claims. I saw a lot of people that said they it smell bad but I actually like the smell. Overall great product!


3. Pacifica Duo 2: This was my favorite item in the bag honestly. I used it tonight and found that the pigmentation is great. I really love this Duo. Below there is a picture if how I wore the eyeshadow tonight.




4. Hey Honey Take it Off Peel Off Mask
This item is amazing. It’s quite small but a great product nonetheless. It smells so yummy and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.


5. Pur~lisse Moisturizer
This is the probably my favorite moisturizer I’ve ever used and I am planning on buying the full sized product. I have dry patches on my skin and this smoothed it all out. Love this product!


6. Hang Ten Sunscreen
This is a standard sunscreen for your face. Which I was actually happy about because I don’t have a face sunscreen and I don’t like to put regular sunscreen on my face which leaves my face oily. So this was nice for me to have.



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