Would I Buy the Full Size? Benefit’s Tints

Over the last few months I’ve bought a few Benefit kits with a bunch of little samples in them. In several of these kits there was the Benefits Posietint, Benetint, and Lollitint. I had heard a lot about these tints that Benefit put out and decided to give the sample sizes a try.

Now that I have tried all three I can say I most likely won’t purchase the full sizes. Maybe it’s because I find them hard to put on. If they dry even a little in certain areas they will leave you looking splotchy. I don’t know about you but that is not a cute look. I have tried using my finger and I’ve tried using a brush. Nothing seems to work. I was a little disappointed because I love Benefit. I will say that Benetint applied the best out of the three on me. Just because this didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. That being said if anyone has any tips on how to apply this let me know! XOXO




7 thoughts on “Would I Buy the Full Size? Benefit’s Tints

  1. Thanks for the review! I was really considering getting these but I have some lip tints already. Good to know that they aren’t the best since benefit is pretty pricey! I do find that applying a lip balm or creamy lipstick right after applying a tint seems to help it spread and set more evenly ^^

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  2. :O I’m in loveee!!!I want one ;( anyways, mind checking out my blog?I post daily tips for beauty lovers everywhere!
    I’d appreciate it and please follow and comment if you love (: thanks so much and if you have any tips please leave me a comment with your suggestion. Thanks again!-Yolanda(:

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