Never Underestimate the Power of Red Lipstick

     I believe that if you just put a little red lipstick on any girl she could conquer the world. Whenever I put on red lipstick it automatically makes me feel empowered and feminine. I used to be so scared of it and I’m sure plenty of females can relate. It’s honestly one of those make-up products that can be intimidating. I never wore red lipstick because I had a fear of getting it all over my teeth and having to keep up with it because I’m constantly on the go. Honestly it feels like to much work. I know I’m a bit lazy. 

   In my middle school days it was all about the lip gloss. Come on all my 90’s babies you know in middle school it was all about lip smackers. In middle school I taught myself how to put make-up on. Lets just stay it consisted of orange foundation, really heavy black eyeliner, chunky mascara, and lets not forget about the watermelon flavored lip smackers. So as I got older I discovered YouTube and that improved my make-up skills a lot, but I was still only using lip gloss. This last year I have started using Matte lipstick and I’m in love. It stays on so much longer and I don’t really worry about it getting on my teeth. So ladies put that red lipstick on and be fierce. XOXO



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